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Decapitated live in Bangkok

September 22, 2012


Decapitated live in Bangkok. They played at the Rock Pub, located right near the Ratchatewi Bts station. The gig was great, although Rafal (the singer) was not that happy about it.

Several incidents has happened during the bands existence that has not always been easy for them.  A few years ago, their tour bus crashed into another vehicle resulting in the death of Vitek, the bands drummer at the time. And also the brother of Vogg (the guitar player). Also at the same time, Kovan, the singer went into a coma. After a few years, I remember reading an article saying that he was recovering but it was still pretty bad. I talked to Rafal about it at the gig, and he said, he was still in a coma. Remember seeing some pics of it, it seems like though he has been awake sometimes though. Nevertheless it is pretty bad to say the least. Vogg, decided he wanted to continue with the band, despite the tragedy.

Last year, the band was coming home from a tour in the US, and the plane was about to land, but the landing wheels did not function properly, so the plane had to make an emergency landing, meaning, the plane had to land WITHOUT the wheels, and land on the planes belly. Luckily all the passengers survived.

A few weeks ago, the stiff (personal wise), but skillful drummer, Krimh (the dude with black hair in the background) left the band. The new drummer, that also played on this gig, is Vaders drummer Pawel Jaroszewics

Stay tuned, Cannibal Corpse is coming to Bangkok soon!